Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The dogs and I spent a long time outside this past Sunday enjoying the snow. Well, Erin the Cavalier and I enjoyed the snow, Quasi Boy the boxer is not so crazy about it. The table covered with snow is where I do all my potting in the summer, my husband made it just the right height for me so I can work in comfort. Erin and Quasi are my constant garden helpers, I could not garden without their expert opinions.

My Iowa Gaden in January

Autum Joy Sedum with bonnets

This is what my Sedum looked like this weekend after the snow. Autumn Joy Sedums are one of my favorite flowers mostly because the butterflies and bees love them, on a beautiful fall day they will be covered with butterflies and bees. An old friend who is no longer living gave me my first Sedums or Live Forevers as she called them over 30 years ago. The original plant is still in the original spot that I planted the first little cutting.