Friday, May 18, 2007


Some of my Clematis are starting to bloom.

Photos from my corner of the world.

The first picture is of a Jack in the Pulpit, the second Bleeding Heart and the last is a Nine Bark bush. The Nine Bark is listed as a shrub that attracts butterflies, as of yet I have not seen a butterfly anywhere near it. The Jack in the Pulpits are finally starting to spread after several years of just sitting there.

Baltimore Oriole

I put out grape jelly and an orange half to attract Baltimore Orioles, it took less than a day for the birds to find it, thankfully they seem to prefer the grape jelly over the oranges, grape jelly is much cheaper than oranges! These pictures are not very good, I hope to get some better shots in the coming days. There is a large basswood tree by the jelly, they congregate there first and then come down for the jelly. I counted four or five in the tree waiting their turn to eat. The orange on a couple of the birds is not nearly as dark as the others, I wonder if they are immature males? I have not seen any females.