Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tag You're It

While reading blogs tonight I came upon a Tag You're It on Carol's blog to post seven random things about myself. While mine will not be as interesting as Carol's or as

1) Not many people know about my blog either. Not my coworkers, even though I consider most of them friends, we have all worked together for almost 20 years.

2) I hate sports, everyone in my family loves sports, I would rather watch grass grow.

3) There are a lot of weeds in my garden.

4)I wish I had went to college and been a librarian.

5) James Michner is my favorite author.

6) No mid life crisis here, my goal is to get old enough to retire.

7) I have two grandsons, perfect ones of course. :)
And to make this a little bit interesting I am going to post a picture as well.
After reading this if you would like to play Tag You're It, you have been tagged :).

Day Tripper

My Daylilies are in their full glory right now.