Monday, March 12, 2007

On The Feet Again

Well, I am officially back on BOTH feet again :). No walker no walking cast/boot.............ahhhhhhh life is good! I went back to work a week ago Thursday, which was probably a bit early but I did it. My foot is tender but walkable. I took the dogs for a walk on Saturday and Sunday both, which was great. They thought so as well. Plus I was able to work around the house, I baked two batches of cookies which made my husband happy.

We have even lost a lot of ice here in Iowa. Our backyard was filled with robins all weekend. I got out the lawn chair and sat outside in the sun and read (Same Sweet Girls) while getting my Vitamin D restored.

I received some seeds in the mail today, so I will be planting some seeds this weekend under the grow lights in the basement.

I must leave you with a cheerful picture. I still wish I knew what kind of moth this is.