Friday, April 24, 2009

More Moss Terrariums

The last photo is of a terrarium that has been growing for a few weeks, the top two photos are of ones that I just started last weekend.
They are really easy and fun to do..................
Put a layer of gravel, I used aquarium gravel that I had on hand.
Then a layer of charcoal, you can buy this in any Pet Store or the Pet Dept of Wal Mart etc.
Then a very thin layer of potting soil.
Then go out and pick some moss and lay it on top.
I have seen lots of them with stones, small figurines etc in them to make a scene.
LOTS of fun.

It was in the high 80s here today, I had the day off so I finished raking, weeding, planted 8 rose bushes, it was a great day!