Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Finally Spring

What a winter this has been! One nasty weather system after another, they just kept on a coming, ice, snow, more ice, more snow, more ice. We are seeing our driveway for the 1st time since last November, it could have been used as an ice skating rink all winter. It was difficult finding a place to walk the dogs.

My Dad is back home from the nursing home. Three months ago I doubted he would be alive let alone be home again. The weather did not make the hour drive each way any more pleasant, not that going to a nursing home to see one's Dad is ever pleasant. One thing I did see almost every time I traveled up there was two fields close together that had hundreds of turkeys feeding, both fields from some reason, maybe wind flow, did not have as much snow and I imagine they were finding corn or beans that had been left behind after harvest, I have never seen so many wild turkeys together! This went on for a good eight weeks. This winter must have been really difficult for wildlife.

I have several things to blog about but will start with something on a happy note. Spring seems to have arrived, the robins have been back for the past two weeks, the juncos are still here, the old saying is that if the juncos are still around, there will be another snow, I am thinking of posting a sign JUNCOS NO LONGER WELCOME! We saw bluebirds at a local park. I have seen blue herons flying overhead on two occasions. I haven't seen my little Carolina wrens since about Christmas time. The red winged black birds are back. I spotted a flock of flickers last weekend, so I know nice weather is just around the corner.

My rhubarb is up! I can just taste some yummy rhubarb sauce, Yummo, to quote Rachel Ray!
Be warned I will be out reading and leaving comments on everyone's blogs.