Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally a Beautiful Spring Day!

We finally had two nice days in a row! I played hooky from work, something I rarely do but I felt the need to improve my Karma :). We have not been that busy at work so I am sure no one minded much.

Sharing more bluebell pictures, I know they are just a common every day flower but they are one of my favorites, they were one of the first flowers I could name as a child. We picked them every May for our May alters ( a Catholic thing). I no longer do May alters (or Catholism for that matter) but I still love bluebells! Looking at all of my pictures I think I must love the blue sky of Iowa more than anything. I can not imagine living any place where there was no sun or blue skies.
The Baltimore Orioles are back, I saw my first one Saturday AM, it was freezing cold and raining, I immediately put out some grape jelly they have been eating it ever since. I also saw a hummingbird, I put the hummingbird feeder out but I have not seen another one. Maybe this year will be the year I get a good photo of the Oriole against the blue sky!