Thursday, June 28, 2007

Datura Blooms That Never Had a Chance

My Datura plant had several buds on it before we got the heavy rains last week, the rain bent the flowers over so they were not standing up like they are suppose to, right now I have several more ready to open, if heavy rain is forecast I am going to put the pot in the garage. This is how the flowers looked after the rain. The first photo was taken before the rains, the bloom was still upright but not completely open.

Hens and Chicks And Strange Buds

Hens and Chicks are one of my favorite plant families, this one is just too cute.

The photo of the buds is on a plant that I have had in my garden for several years, I have never noticed how strange they were, or if this year they are doing something weird. These are delphinium buds, is this how they are supposed to look and I have never noticed it before?