Thursday, February 8, 2007

Digital Art

Well, it is a strecht calling this art but when I have the time I like to play with Paint Shop Pro and my own photos to attempt to make the photos look like paintings.

Cold Cold Weather

Still no sign of the Carolina Wren, I fear the worse. The birds are feeding like crazy, in the evening as it is getting dark while I am fixing supper I watch the cardinals, they are always plentiful at dusk and dawn, I have counted as many as 16 at the feeder and in the bushes around the feeder. On a higher note, my grandsons are spending the weekend with me, they love being outside as much as I do, I am not sure how much time we will be able to spend outside this weekend, I better get my long johns out :). The picture is a favorite of mine, the boys and I were walking back from an "adventure" in the woods last fall. Gran was trailing behind at this point.