Friday, April 1, 2011

Camera Critter Saturday

Spring migration is upon us,  while taking the 1st photo I did not notice the two juvenile bald eagles in the tree watching the ducks, I cropped them out in the second photo.  It is always fun to get a "bonus" when taking pictures!

I wanted to include a link to an eagle web cam that is about 90 miles from my house, the eggs should be hatching any time.   It is fascinating!

Ducks and Geese

The ducks are starting to migrate through our area, the top photo is a Coot, or Mud Hen or Hell-Diver.  I'm sure everyone knows what the second photo is and I wish they were just migrating through but they stay here the year round.

I think Google must be having a bad hair day still, 1st they stole my blog and now I can't upload photos from within Picasa.  Good Grief.