Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Days of Weird Mushrooms

With 10 inches of rain in 7 days, mushrooms are popping up all over, I have noticed some people's yards look like they are covered with mushroom lawn ornaments. I also noticed today that my hybrid tea roses are loaded with buds, I hope they get to bloom before our first frost.

I did not notice the caterpillar on the first photo until I was cropping it in PSP.

The weekend has once again flown by, where does the time go??? Back to work tomorrow. But it will be a short week for me as I am taking Friday off, which will give me a four day weekend........yeah! I think we are going to go to Reiman Gardens, I say I think because we have had plans to go there about 3 times over the summer and something has happened each time and we were unable to go, hopefully this time. I love going there, the gardens and the butterfly house, does wonders for my karma, ya know what I mean??? :)