Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is this really April?

We did not get the predicated 8 inches of heavy wet snow but we did get enough. This morning when I went to work I noticed the snow stuck to the north side of the trees, there is an old time saying about the last snow of the spring always sticks to the north side of the tree, maybe someone else remembers it? On my drive to work today it was beautiful and I wish I could have spent the morning walking in the woods and taking pictures but my boss actually expects me to show up...............the nerve. :) I doubt the robins thought it was beautiful.

This picture was taken last week on a small lake close to our house, I can't remember what kind of ducks my husband said they were, he is the one that knows all the various kinds of ducks that migrate through our area each spring and fall. I enjoy seeing all the different kinds that stop on their trip back north, there was also a large flock of some kind of gulls, you wouldn't think you would see gulls in Iowa, would you? Two years we have seen swans, that was a thrill for me.