Saturday, February 3, 2007

Farmers Market in Feb

When we arrived at Reiman Gardens, we were told there was a farmer's market going on..........farmer's market in February? My husband bought some pepper jelly and some horseradish jelly, now I have heard of pepper jelly and even thought about making some but horseradish jelly??? Thankfully he left the garlic jelly behind. I bought a couple of soy candles.

Passion for Plants, Reiman Gardens

Luna Moth in Iowa?? In February?

I have always wanted to see a real live Luna Moth even before reading Prodigal Summer
by Barbara Kingsolver
, anyone read that book? It was a really good book, Poisonwood Bible by the same author was probably one of my all time favorite books buuuuuut, back to the Luna Moth, I actually saw one today! It had it's back to me and was kind of hidden but I spotted it! The volunteer at the butterfly house told me it was much more active at night (of course.......LUNA..........after all). But I finally got to see one, this one looked like it had been around the block more than once, it must have one hell of a night life :).

Pretty Pretty Butterflies

Flying Flowers In Feb In Iowa

More Flying Flowers

Isn't it hard to beleive these pictures were taken today in Iowa?

Reiman Garden's Butterfly House Feb 03, 2007

Bright Sunshiny Day

As I sit here all snug and warm in my house with the outside temps at -10 I am hoping for the best for all the outside animals that do not have anyone to take proper care of them. Also the wildlife, the birds at the feeders have been extra hungry, we have been filling the feeders 2-4 times a day. I did not see the Carolina Wren today.

We decided to take a trip to Reiman Gardens once again, what a wonderful place to spend a cold winter day, we time our trips to get to the butterfly house about 11 AM or so on a sunny day. We were well rewarded today as the butterflys were very active! The flower display had been changed in the conservatory to "Passion for Plants" from the Christmas display that we seen and enjoyed in Decemeber. There was lots of tubrous begonias, amarylis, cyclamen, a few lady slipper orchids as well as lots of green plants. We sat in the conservatory and had a nice hot cup of coffee! What could be better?? Only the butterfly house of course.