Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finally, A Breath of Fresh Air!

Finally we have some nice cool air from up north. The temp is 51 right now as I sit here writing this, the wind is coming from the north, low humidity, low dew points, ahhhhhhhhhh life is good :). We took both cats and Quasi the boxer to vet today for routine vaccinations and to have Quasi's heart checked, he has boxer cardiomyopathy, he has been on medication for the condition for over 3 years now, usually they do not live a year so I feel blessed, the vet said his heart sounds great. My dear sweet little Callie tired to bite both me and the vet when we were getting her out of the carrier.

The photos are up close and personal views of my brugmasias. The blooms are all done now, so no more wonderful fragrance, I will slow down on the watering and they will spend the winter in the basement.