Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Rainy Sunday

Everyone have their Arks built???? We have over 3 inches in our rain gauge right now, that is since I went to bed last night, after the over 4 inches we had last week and the forecast is for more rain all week long, this is starting to look like 1993.
I had lots of plans for things I wanted to do today but I doubt that will happen. Yesterday I went to a garden craft sale at a local arboretum. It was fun, I don't feel too bad about my weeds any longer as I saw weeds 5 feet tall on their grounds. :). I bought a Sweet Autumn Clematis from a local perennial grower. It was in a large pot that weighed about 20 pounds so it was a long trip back to the car and I think it was a 20 mile walk uphill both ways. I wanted to buy a few herbs but had enough carrying the clematis. There was a vendor there selling the concrete leaves, I have always wanted to try doing that but have not had the time. She was also selling lots of garden word art stones, which I have made, but hers had a beautiful greenish/black patina on them, I am going to experiment to try to get that look. Maybe some day I will have time to do the concrete leaves.