Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whiter Shade of Pale

We are getting a new patio poured this coming week, I have a large flower bed beside it that I dug all the flowers out of to save them from the whatever machine they use to break up the old concrete, mostly lilies, day lilies and Asiatic lilies. I am sure the day lilies will survive but I am not sure about the other lilies. I also dug a bunch of peonies, I am not sure if they will survive being moved this time of year. Also 3 clematis vines, not sure if they will make it either but what do I have to lose by trying? And a peony tree that has not bloomed for a couple of years, probably because the flower bed that was sunny is now shady due to my linden tree getting much larger. With everything going on this year due to the flooding I doubt I will do anything with it except maybe plants some bulbs this fall, over the winter I will be planning a shade garden which will be fun. I plan on using lots of the new coral bells with the beautiful foliage varieties you can find now days.