Saturday, July 14, 2007

Few More Blooms for Garden Bloom Day

July 15th Garden Bloom Day

We need rain badly! I am being kept busy just watering, my hubby is busy watering all the veggies.

I took most of these photos this AM after coming back from walking the dogs. My roses are kind of at a stand still right now, mostly buds, after the first flash of blooms, my pot plants are all doing well. This past spring my husband built me a raised herb bed, I call it my "garden for the senses", we enjoy walking by and brushing the leaves to release the various aromas, I am going to do a post on it one day soon.

Just A Note

While this blog is a garden blog first and foremost, gardening enables me to spend time with another of my favorite past-times which is photography. I shared another interest of mine last week (soy candle making), I have brought up my pets more than once, in fact I have thought of starting a blog about my dogs, cats, and fish tank but decided I didn't have time. Cooking is another passion of mine. I baked this Lemon Meringue pie today and thought it would make a nice photo. I got the recipe at Taste of Home website.