Friday, February 2, 2007

Standing Cypress in Iowa

Standing Cypress is a Biennial that is not supposed to grow further north than zone 6, they grow well in my zone 4 garden, the seeds were given to me several years ago, the first year they are only about an inch tall, very feathery and easy to pull up until you recognize them, the second year is when they reach their glory, they get about 5-6 feet tall with a large flower spike. I had some yellow ones at one time but have not seen a yellow in my garden in about 5 years. I see some yellow ones at a house I drive by on my way to work each summer, I wonder what they would do if I stopped and begged for some seeds of the yellows :)? Once they get started they self seed.

Cold, Cold, Cold January in Iowa

I was so releived to come home from work today and see my little southern visitor at my feeder! Today she was eating from the seed tray not the suet holder as shown in this picture, with the really cold temps we have had over the last several days I was worried about her. I also worry about all the dogs and cats the folks leave outside, makes me very sad.

Every day early in the AM as it is getting light and each evening as it is getting dark I have had anywhere from 8-15 cardinals at my feeder, it is such a beautiful site to see.