Friday, February 2, 2007

Cold, Cold, Cold January in Iowa

I was so releived to come home from work today and see my little southern visitor at my feeder! Today she was eating from the seed tray not the suet holder as shown in this picture, with the really cold temps we have had over the last several days I was worried about her. I also worry about all the dogs and cats the folks leave outside, makes me very sad.

Every day early in the AM as it is getting light and each evening as it is getting dark I have had anywhere from 8-15 cardinals at my feeder, it is such a beautiful site to see.


Dori said...

Hi from another Iowa gardener. I have a blog that currently is primarily a food blog, but I do have a nice large garden also more for practical use - veggies and food for the family. I happened to check out my dot on the garden blog map and saw your. Nice to meet you. I love the pictures you have posted from Ames, despite being an Iowa State graduate and driving by there many times I have not yet stopped to enjoy it.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

You should stop by Reimans when you get the chance, you would love it!

We do grow veggies, tomatoes being our main crop, I love to can tomatoes. Back when our family was larger we had more vegetables than we do now, but still have a large vegetable garden, plus raspberries are a favorite of mine, and they do well for us here.
We have grapes, an aspargus bed, rhubarb of course, what is an Iowa garden without rhubarb?

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am going to visit yours, I am always ready for some new recipes.