Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sunday Walk Through My Garden

I also have several herbs in bloom, a dogwood bush, tomato, pepper, cukes, zukes, jasmine, datura, bachelor buttons, petunias, dianthus, violas, catnip, geraniums. I hope you have enjoyed some of pics and I cannot wait to take a stroll through your garden, thanks for stopping by.

Sunday Bloomy Sunday Two

Lilies are probably my favorite flower, my Asiatics are starting to bloom now, my favorites are the Orientals of course, because they are fragrant. From 1997 until a year or so ago, I hosted a chat on AOL, in the Potting Shed, my screen names was Host Home Lily, I really enjoyed that and kept AOL for years after I had cable access.

Sunday Rosey Sunday

I also have a several seven sister rose bushes in bloom, I have taken to digging them up, they can take over everything and have the worse thorny canes, 2 old rose bushes are still blooming but in the last stages, and a pink grootendorst is in bloom, it is really strange half the bush blooms red and the other half pink, not quite sure how that happened.

Sunday Bloomy Sunday

I am posting my blooms a bit early, I am going to be out of town tomorrow, but will be home in time to browse all the other blogs. I am going to start with some of my day lilies which are just getting started, as I posting this I noticed I forgot to take a picture of one of my favorite daylilies, it has tall stems, beautiful yellow blooms and is fragrant. My daylilies are just getting started. The first 3 look like they might be the same plant but they aren't.

Rhythm of the Rain and Prickly Pear Cactus

Well, the rain has finally stopped but it is a clammy damp day, the kind of day that brings out all the bugs, we got chewed up by mosquitoes this AM walking the dogs, I found 3 ticks on one of the dogs, which grossed me out and sent us running to the vet for Frontline. Not a good day to be working outside but I am heading out to fertilize my roses and annuals. I have lots of Iris that need to be dug but not sure if that will happen today or not.

I took these photos of the prickly pear cactus last week.