Friday, April 24, 2009

More Moss Terrariums

The last photo is of a terrarium that has been growing for a few weeks, the top two photos are of ones that I just started last weekend.
They are really easy and fun to do..................
Put a layer of gravel, I used aquarium gravel that I had on hand.
Then a layer of charcoal, you can buy this in any Pet Store or the Pet Dept of Wal Mart etc.
Then a very thin layer of potting soil.
Then go out and pick some moss and lay it on top.
I have seen lots of them with stones, small figurines etc in them to make a scene.
LOTS of fun.

It was in the high 80s here today, I had the day off so I finished raking, weeding, planted 8 rose bushes, it was a great day!



I love your terrariums! They are beautiful! I don't see much moss in Ohio. Too bad I didn't know about these when I lived in western Washington. The whole state is carpeted in moss I think. LOL

We had temp up to 86 today. Sure felt strange. I haven't felt temps like that for 9 years while I lived out there.

Connie said...

Those are really cool! I have some serious moss, about and inch thick that grew on my part shade barrel planters last year. I will have to look for some cool containers at the thift store amd give it a try.

Dawn said...

There is a recipe for spreading moss, Use a blender (one you don't want) and blend with milk. It's good for the cracks between sidewalks and stepping stones, it doubles the spores and the milk nourishes. Haven't tried it with terrariums though.