Thursday, March 15, 2007

Good Intentions

With the weekend in sight, I have good intentions of seed starting. I thought I might plant some hollyhocks, foxgloves and delphiniums (which I have chillin in the frig) and whatever else I may find in my seed stash. Anyone else have a seed stash? Years ago I used to start hundreds of seeds, tomatoes, flowers, veggies, it is a good cheap way to get lots of perennials as well. I have gotten lazy or tired, not sure which, last year I didn't start any seeds, not even my beloved moon flowers which I have grown for years but must be started inside if I am going to get any blooms before the frost gets them. I am going to start moon flowers this year but it is too early to get those going right now.

These are a few pics I took this past weekend, my amaryllis is blooming now, it was just opening when I took this picture, the pretty kitty is my Callie Cat who jumps in the tub after the water is drained out, no doubt because it is nice and toasty warm. Also a picture of Erin, and Quasi Boy and Callie napping.

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A wildlife gardener said...

The eyes have it! What adorable pets you have! I have an amaryllis blooming at the moment as well. I must try to add a photo a day to share with others. Since my blog's about the story of creating the garden, my houseplants don't come into it.