Sunday, April 29, 2007

Reiman Gardens

We needed a little break from digging and dividing so we decided to take a trip to Reiman Gardens yesterday to see what was in bloom there and of course to see the Butterfly House and their conservatory. The gardens there are starting to come alive, lots of tulips (red and yellow of course) in bloom, the daffodils were beyond their peak. The conservatory was a tribute to the honeybee, with their gardens shaped like a honeycomb and the have bees in a glass case. The butterfly house was the usual thrill for me, I would go there every day if I could. There was an Atlas Moth this time, last time I had saw a Luna Moth.

I will share a few pictures I took yesterday.

Today I was back outside, I planted a Viburnum Snowball Bush (viburnum opulus) and a few herbs in my new herb bed, I planted rosemary, lavender, Italian parsley and creeping thyme. That is all I am going to plant for the time being just in case the weather gets crazy and I have to cover the plants :).

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