Friday, May 25, 2007

Old Rose

I love old roses, they require so little care, they are survivors and are happy where they are planted, maybe we could all take a lesson from this beautiful bush!

I took a cutting from this bush over 20 years ago, I don't have any idea what it's name might be or even how far back her heritage might go. The blooms smell wonderful! If I ever had to move, I would list this bush as a "must take along".

It is a beautful cool sunny morning! We received almost two inches of much needed rain.


Lisa said...

Beautiful Rose! I love that is so old and comes back every year.

Connie Peterson said...

I have four old roses - one pink came with the house. Another pink, deeper, came from the place I used to live - it's called Rosamunda (developed for Henry XIII and named after one of his mistresses); a white that came from my great grandfather's homestead; a yellow (sister says it's a Harolson, I think) that came with my husband's great grandmother from Virginia to South Dakota.

Only the house pink is blooming -the others were planted two years ago and are just now getting their roots established so they can grow to blooming size.

I LOVE old roses - and found some wild roses in a rock pile yesterday that I need to dig and transplant.

Blessings - beautiful pictures!

Jim V said...

Theres nothing more beautiful than a rose.. growing up we had a wild rosebush not too far from our house next to a small river, the whole plant was probably close to 6 feet tall and at least that around.

One day the county decided to widen the river a bit, just enough to knock down the old rosebush. One of the only times I'd ever seen my mother cry was that day.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Just gorgeous rose! The color makes it special!

I am here through Connie Peterson.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Thanks for the kind comments! I have one other old rose, which is a pale pink and opens a bit later than this one.

Connie, how wonderful to have the memories with each of your old roses.

Jim V, your mother must have loved that old rose, I can relate to that!

Mosilager said...

That's a lovely picture. Must admit I know almost 0 about gardening and plants, hope to learn something around here.