Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday In Iowa

Another nice weekend in the state of Iowa, is that anything like being in the state of grace?????? Is this heaven, no this is Iowa.

The Baltimore Orioles have been at my grape jelly all weekend, almost standing in line, it has been fun listening to their various songs. There have been several males at the jelly at the same time, I have seen a female at the jelly occasionally. The hummingbirds have been at their feeder as well.

We do need rain! I gave everything a good drink today. I purchased a few more herbs, lemon verbena, lamb's ears, and cinnamon basil. I made some new garden stones but they did not turn out, I had the wrong kind of concrete, it had too many stones in it. We went to Menards to get the kind of concrete that is used for patching, it is much finer. So next weekend, I will be making stones. I also bought some charcoal color concrete dye, I have always used the terra cotta tint.


Sally said...

Oh! Can I see a picture of your stones please?! I've seen the forms at Menards, but have been unsure of trying it.

Leslie said...

The oriole is so pretty!!

Candy Duell said...

I have an oriole hanging around now for several years, but I cant get him to eat out of the feeders. What is the secret????

Your pictures are great, and I also love Peonies!