Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jenny Wren

I enjoy taking bird shots, for the most part the birds do not cooperate very well but yesterday when I was outside this little wren was in a bush right by where I was working singing her little heart out, I loved having her company.


A wildlife gardener said...

Great bird photos. We have lots of birds in our garden, but they fly away when I want to take photos of them!

Come over for a visit and see photos of Chris Beardshaw's Chelsea garden :)

Connie Peterson said...

I LOVE wrens! We don't have any here, YET, but I keep hoping!!


Sandy said...

Nice bird shots. I love taking bird shots also...I like the ladybug above too.

Rosemary said...

This is our first year in Northeast PA, and Jennny wrens moved into our tiny birdhouse. When they were courting they sang beautifully. However, when the baby Jennies were hatched, they were harassed by blue jays who pecked the hole to enlarge it to get their big heads in and do what? the Jennies flew away, cleaning out their nest. It is almost August and we miss our Jennies very much. Hope they come back next year. (Loved your photos! Thanks!)