Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pretty Tea Roses

The first thing I did this AM was go outside to see if the Cecropia Moth was still around, it wasn't. I kept my eyes open for it all day but did not see it again.

My tea roses are starting to bloom and of course every bug in the entire state is snacking on the beautiful blooms.


kris said...

Beautiful! I don't do tea roses because they have to be winter protected here, and so I just do shrubs. What a treat to enjoy your lovely teas - thank you! (Seems like every time I post a photo of a rose, I notice that something's been nibbling on the leaves!)

Andrea's Garden said...

Love your roses!! I got two new ones this weekend - a Claude Monet and a Mamy Blue. Love the color of it and can't wait to see it established in my garden with lots and lots of roses. Greetings to Iowa, Andrea

Connie Peterson said...

Beautiful roses. Thank you for sharing!