Thursday, July 19, 2007


My Phlox are in an area of the yard that was difficult to water during the dry spell so they sure could look better than they do. We received over two inches of rain last night, so the total is over 5 inches since Monday evening. Things look much better. We even have the air turned off this evening, it is so nice to have fresh air in the house but thank heavens for the air when it is needed.

After the rain this is the time of year that the surprise lilies or naked ladies (Lycoris squamigera), should spring to life, but with that terrible cold spell we had in April after they were up out of the ground and frozen off. I wonder if they will bloom?


Steph said...

I just noticed the naked ladies just shooting up through the ground in my garden a few days ago and are just started blooming today. You have Beautiful flowers.

Sally said...

I haven't seen nary a peep from my surprise lillies. I think April killed them.