Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September Peach Rose

This is in my humble opinion a beautiful and perfect rose! This is the first year I have grown tea roses in many years, I will say I have enjoyed them, I wonder how many will make it through our winter.

The weather has warmed up here again, but it is starting to look like fall in Iowa, I am seeing some trees starting to turn. It is almost time for our annual trip along the Mississippi for picture taking, apples and cheese curds. This year we are going to stop in McGregor to try and find an old cemetery where my great grandfather is buried. I have only seen pictures of him, two pictures to be exact and in both pictures his shirt sleeves are too short for him, I have the same problem, it was the first thing I noticed in the photos. He is my mother's grandfather, my husband calls that side of the family the fighting Irish, no truer words were ever spoken :).


Me said...

It is lovely. Is it scented at all?

Your comment about short shirt sleeves makes me smile. The continuity of traits and how it connects us is cool, isn't it? I love that you noticed it.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

It is scented but not heavily.

I noticed the short sleeves immediately, the sleeves are usually too short for me in most garments.

Barbara said...

It is a perfect and beautiful rose indeed! Is the name Peach Rose? I couldn't find it in my books.

Moe said...

Hello! I moved my blog from over to Do you think you could update your link on the sidebar? I would appreciate it!

Great photos, as usual!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Beautiful rose!!! I have always loved the tea rose but with the garden getting bigger I have less time to spend with my roses so I have made the switch to some that take less care. I have to admire you for your dedication to your roses.
Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked about the lady bugs. I hardly noticed any after about 3 weeks but they seemed to do the tick.
I know how you feel about the short sleeves...a couple of years ago I saw a picture from my mothers side and realized where our nose came from!! She doesn't have it but I got it. That is ok, I feel proud to have it. It is something no one can take from me!

kris said...

That tea rose is beautiful! I don't grow teas because they need lots of protection here. Hope that one makes it for you - it is such a pretty color.