Saturday, October 27, 2007

Turkeys, Peppers, Fall and Other Things

My posting time has been limited lately, I hope all is well with everyone. We got a bit of frost the other morning, nipped my flowers but lots are still in bloom, seems difficult to believe it is the end of October. My hubby picked the last pepper this past week, I still have a few roses in bloom. Leaf color has not been the best this year but it sure has been beautiful the past few days. I put up most of the patio furniture today, leaving out two chairs for the last few nice days, may have a fire or two yet this year.
I live in town but we have a wooded creek area behind our house, it seems wild turkeys have moved into the neighborhood. We have been seeing these four turkeys, it is a gobbler and his hens, Bubba and the girls as we have taken to calling them. They are very wary, the only time they can be seen is from the car, cars do not seem to scare them, but if you are on foot they can see you from afar and are gone. The dogs go crazy sniffing the ground where they have been.


Connie said...

Great looking peppers...and I love that last photo of the leaves against the blue sky!
We have wild turkeys here, too. Sometimes in the winter they walk through our back yard in a row of a dozen or more, the male and his harem. :-)

Me said...

I've noticed that about turkey. Cars are okay but people on foot are not. Once a turkey is spooked it is gone...they don't linger.

Jean said...

Great turkey shots!