Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Winter Storm Watch, Carolina Wren and other things.

Well, we are officially under our first winter storm watch starting Saturday AM, I am supposed to get my grandsons this weekend (they live about 90 miles away) now I wonder if that will happen. I also need to get up to see my Dad (about 60 miles away) I am wondering about that as well. Time will tell, sounds like an ugly storm with freezing sleet, rain, and snow.

The Carolina Wren is back at my feeder for the 3rd winter in a row, I never see them in the summer. I don't know if they spend the summer here but do not come to my feeders or if they move on in the summer and whether they go back to Carolina for a visit, why they spend their winters in Iowa is beyond me..........

This little silver leafed begonia is one of my favorites, the leaves are so pretty, I imagine it gets flowers but this one has not flowered for me. I ordered a few new houseplants from Logees but I think I may have waited too late as they will not ship when the temps are too cold, so this may be an order I don't get until spring, darn it, it is my tradition to order a few new houseplants each fall but I think I waited too long this particular fall. I have been ordering from them for years as they carry lots of houseplants that are not available locally. I got caught up in the houseplant craze in the late 60s and early 70s and have never gotten out of it.


A wildlife gardener said...

Such a great photo of the sweet little Carolina wren :)

guild_rez said...

Love the picture of the Carolina Wren..
Snow?? It is snowing in Guildwood, not much but a winter storm watch has been issued for our area. Because of the lake effect, we never know how much snow will fall.
Maxi, the king of our castle shakes his paws, jumps into the snow to catch some snowflakes. very funny to watch..
Wish you a very nice weekend,

Nickie said...

Great wren picture. He is a cute one. I love your begonia too. I never seem to have luck with them. I've tried eye lash begonias 3 times and every time they got scale and I had to ditch them.

IBOY said...

The Carolina wrens spend the whole year here, but don't seem to come to feeders except in winter... if you listen for their call in the non-winter, you'll hear them: a very loud, ringing "teakettle-teakettle-teakettle" or "cherry-cherry-cherry", usually in the mid-level of trees. They are pretty persistent singers. I used to mix their call up with tufted titmice and ovenbirds.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Thanks Don, I will be watching closer for the little wrens next spring and summer.