Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I took these photos at the greenhouse while shopping for our poinsettia. I love bromiliads but I do not have the room to grow them. I do have an earth star, I always think of my aunt when I water it, she had one growing in her kitchen window for years. I bought mine at Wal Mart a few years ago, I was surprised to see it there, but there it sat just asking me to purchase it.


Catherine said...

I love Bromiliad's..they are such intriguing plant's!! Those are some pretty ones..great photo's!
I also like the white poinsettia's in earlier post...I alway's buy the white ones, the pink variety is also pretty!

Connie Peterson said...

Such lovely plants! I love to look at them on your blog - you do a great job with photographing them!

I usually get a small poinsettia but have never had a bromiliad .. don't recall even seeing one!! Lovely!

Ki said...

Great to see some bromeliads. We had several but I don't know what eventually happened to them. The 'Silver Queen' was my favorite. It was a large bromeliad with silvery colored leaves and large pink flower.

Ron Johnson said...

I planted a lace leaf Japanese maple in my Mason City, Iowa garden this Summer after visiting a Gresham,OR nursery. The people there said it would grow in Iowa. But I read from others saying it must be grown in zone 5 to 10. You stated that you have one growing. But I couldn't located your words on this. Can you help me? Thanks
Ron Johnson: roseman

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Ron, Japanese maples cannot be grown in our zone, your information that they must be grown in zones 5 to 10 is correct. I posted about a shrub last summer that looks similar to a japanese maple but is not.