Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tour of Reiman Continues

It is a cold night in Iowa, -6 right now. But at least the sun was out today. Blue sky and sun always makes me feel better.


kate said...

Your pictures of Reiman Gardens are just the perfect thing on a freezing cold night. I love the lily pads with their blooms ... my fish would love to be back in the pond, swimming around freely just like the fish here.

The roses must be beautiful in bloom - that is something for you to look forward to this summer.

I think it is so cool that your Geranium slip bloomed for you! It's a great surprise especially because we aren't expecting it.

No Rain said...

The lilly pads are really beautiful. I don't see those much here, except in special public gardens. Most folks don't bother with ponds here in the desert, so this is refreshing to seee! Happy GTS,

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks for continuing your photos from Reiman Gardens. And IS IT COLD around here! Even the snow squeaks when you walk on it! ;-)

Nicole said...

Thanks for the tours, these are very beautiful photos, and I am sure a cheery sight in winter for many.