Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cardinals at the Feeder

I have had an over abundance of cardinals, I take that back there is no such thing as too many cardinals, they are probably my favorite bird. They finally got used to me taking their picture through my kitchen window.

The new Dell arrived today! I have it all up and running, with windows, anti-virus etc updated but have not loaded any of my programs or pictures or music. I will start working on that over the weekend. Right now I am back on my trusty laptop that I know and The new system is awesome I have to say.

I have a 3 day weekend, the first since January and the 1st one in six months that is not for something I really don't want to do. We are going to Iowa City to the VA hospital for my husband to get some work done on his hearing aids, I don't mind going there, it is an interesting place to people watch, going home through Cedar Rapids for some shopping and eating out, yeah! The forecast for the weekend is sunny and warmer, I hope to get outside.


GardenJoy4Me said...

You have some gorgeous birds to take pictures of .. but still snowing too ? .. Spring is beginning to reach more of us so take heart : )
What wonderful furry souls you have too .. just seems to be part of a gardener .. plants and furry souls !
Good luck with the trip : )

Sally said...

Ya - did you see? It's supposed to be in the 60's (!!!!!!) tomorrow! Oh, God, I hope so. I went and looked and my rhubarb isn't coming up. I was spraying Round-up back there last year. I wonder if I hit the rhubarb. Time will tell.