Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sunday Blooming Sunday


Iowa Victory Gardener said...

You gave me a start there when all of a sudden I saw Sunday! LOL, you're just ahead of the curve and good for you!

A lovely assortment of roses and clematis there ... and a well behaved (it appears) Coreopsis? You've got some great color going on right now!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

hi IVG! I am not sure if it is a coreopsis or not, the foliage is variegated, I think it is some kind of rubedekia..........not sure though.

Catherine said...

Wow~Your Sunday was filled with beautiful blooms~thanks for sharing them!
What a beautiful clematis, and gorgeous roses!


kate smudges said...

The roses and clematis are beautiful ... definitely a Sunday Blooming Sunday!

Brenda Jean said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos. I was feeling cruddy today and decided to visit some Green Thumb Sunday blogs-- to catch up-- and picked yours first. I'm glad you survived the flood, and your pictures brought a smile to my face.