Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Garden Photo a Day

This photo was taken some time in July...................lilies are a favorite of mine.

Speaking of lilies, I planted 8 lily trees today from Breck and some heirloom turkscap lilies as well. It did not feel like fall today, it was over 80 degrees and almost muggy.

The weekend flew by as usual. Lots of hours in the works for me next week same as last week, sure am glad my hubby takes good care of the critters while I am gone.


Sue said...

That's a pretty lily. I bought a few of different colors on sale at Lowe's this summer. I am so excited for spring to get here and see some new blooms! We are having a lovely fall. I don't like the short days, though. I'll have to look up lily trees. I've not heard of them.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

You sure were industrious! I hope you have better luck with the Turk's Cap heirlooms than we have ... we planted one of the purple ones 3 years ago and have yet to see it do much of anything. We have bulbs on the way from Van Bourgondien (mostly small stuff like Fritillarias and Crocus) so we'll be busy later this month.

We did harvest our first 2 ripe pumpkins this weekend, and the corn stalks came down to go into the front yard Halloween display!

Glad to see your Vote for Change photo up there! We're still waiting on our yard sign to arrive and are getting impatient! You've given me the courage to post such a link on my site, though when I get political no one seems to say much about it. But this time is different! I'm proud to be able to really vote FOR someone for the first time in a long time (well, since Carter in 1976). GOBAMA!

Sally said...

Lily trees? I've never heard of those - or seen them (that I know of). I love lilies too.