Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flower A Day 4

A little blue for the today. A dreary cloudy foggy day, mud all around.


kate smudges said...

Oh, it's wonderful to see bluebells!! The colour is gorgeous!

Connie said...

Those pretty flowers are just what our color starved eyes need at this time of year! Our nice weather turned cold, so I'm waiting to get back out and work in the garden.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

hi IGW,
Bluebells! One of our favorites we wish would spread quicker in our garden... they've been a favorite of mine since I used to pick them for my mom when I was a wee one. :-)

Catherine said...

I love your flower a day posts!
I know these beautiful blue flowers well~Va. bluebells!
I had better..seeing I live in Va.!
Well all of your beautiful captures have kicked my Spring fever into overdrive!:)
Enjoy your weekend!