Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hens and Chicks

I have a special affection for sedums, who could live without hens and chicks after all? What else could take you back to Grandma's garden more than hens and chicks. My Dad's Mother, my Grandmother and all his sisters, my aunts, were all fantastic gardeners, they were all so much alike, their houses were homes, all spotless, always something yummy to eat and always flowers in bloom both inside and out if the season permitted outside blooming that is. They all spent their summer afternoons, canning and later freezing. Anyway back to the hens and chicks, they all grew them so I can not see hens and chicks without remembering all of my aunts and grandmother, all who are no longer living.


Carol said...

What a great memory! I've not visited your blog before, but am glad I found it this evening. Wonderful photos!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Thanks for stopping by! Gardening is all about memories for me, scents and certain plants can take me back to Grandma's garden.