Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory

This is a picture of Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory, it is very prolific and self sows with gusto! Late in the summer it completely covers our compost pile and anything else in it's path :). It is actually a darker purple than it looks in these two photos.


A wildlife gardener said...

It's amazing that we were both showing photos of convolvulus today! My photo was taken in July 2006 though! My blog is all about the story of how we made a garden for wildlife, starting 16 years ago when we came to live here, so some of my photos are illustrating the on-going story, while others are taken on the day I write the blog. I'm doing it for our sons and any future grandchildren!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

My photo was taken in August of 2006, right now in Iowa we have snow on the ground, we just finished a three week spell of below zero temps. This evening through Sunday we are facing a winter storm warning with ice, sleet and up to 13 inches of snow. The snow I don't mind but the ice is a nightmare.

I plant my garden with the hopes of attracting birds and butterflies to my garden like you do. I also choose plants for fragrance.