Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Seed Savers Exchange, Decorah, IA

Seed Savers Exchange has been around for years, I first started reading about the farm in Organic Gardening 20 years ago. I was a member of the flower and herb exchange for several years. Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory was one of the first flowers I received in the exchange, I now have enough seeds of Grandpa Ott's morning glory to cover the entire state :). SSE is a wonderful source for heirloom seeds if you are interested in that type of gardening. We have tried many of the heirloom tomato seeds and have decided that we like the hybrids much better but the farm is a fun place to visit if you are in the neighborhood. The flowers are beautiful. I understand they have rare types of cattle also but did not see any the livestock when we visited.

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A wildlife gardener said...

What a wonderful idea! Wish I lived in the neighbourhood! I've always found gardeners to be generous people and have exchanged cuttings with others over the years. Love the daisies...escholzia?