Thursday, March 22, 2007


While visiting Mr Brown Thumb's blog I read a note he wrote about Brugmansia. I love these plants, I had one last summer that I kept in a pot on the patio, it did not start blooming until August but was always in bloom the rest of summer, the blooms lasting one day, the flowers are highly fragrant. In September when frost warnings started I brought the plant into the house, at the time is was loaded with buds, it bloomed in the basement for about the next 5 weeks, the blooms lasted 3-4 days in the basement and in the evening you could smell the flowers over the entire house. It is still green, as soon as the weather warms I am going to put it in a bigger pot with new soil and take it back outside. If the plant did not bloom outside at all, just having the last little bit of summer to bring inside would be worth it! I also ordered another one, a different color, from Select Seeds. I have not tried growing one from seed but I have grown Datura from seed, it is very easy.


Sally said...

IG - do you know Glenda R. in Ft. Dodge? She grows tons of these in her back yard. I've not had the pleasure of seeing them in bloom, but I've seen her pictures. How facinating! She keeps wanting to give me a start off from them, but I've never wanted to mess with them. If you want, I can get you two together.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Sally, I do not know her. I would love to see the pictures, does she have a blog?

Green thumb said...

Loved the Brugmansia flowers.Though I never had any chance to grow these,but after reading about them in your post,I sure want to give these a try, provided they are able to survive the extreme temperatures we face here.

MrBrownThumb said...


Those are really nice thanks for sharing your pics!

Green thumb,

If I can grow them in Chicago I think anyone can grow them. I can't wait for it to get warm enough so that mine can go outside.