Monday, April 23, 2007

April Days, Dog Shows and Other things

I finally had a whole day to spend outside this past Saturday................ahhhh......I feel so much better :). My soul is restored. Nothing like burying your problems while digging in the dirt, right?

I have seen better springs for taking pictures that is for sure. The wild plums are in full bloom along the paths where we take the dogs walking, the scent of those is a bit of heaven on earth. The wrens are back, singing their little lungs out, what a wonderful cheerful sound and the chickadees are doing their phee-bee call so spring has arrived in Iowa. My hubby put up some new bird houses he made today, we usually have a couple of nestings of wrens in our yard each year. I asked him to make an extra one, I want to try decorating one with mosaic my spare time that is. :)

The spring bulbs are not a total loss this spring, just a 95% loss, they would have been fine if we had not had that warm weather in March. I only have a few that have bloomed so far.

There was a dog show in Waterloo yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet a woman (a fellow boxer lover) that I have been talking with online for over 5 years. That was fun! Not to mention seeing all the different dog breeds. The show boxer is getting much smaller, in fact they were the smallest boxers I have ever seen in my life. I am not interested in breeding or showing dogs but it was fun to attend the dog show. She is not a breeder either, she is in boxer rescue, cleaning up the mess backyard breeders leave for others to take care of. My Quasi Boy came from rescue, he has a scar around his neck from someone letting a collar grow into his neck, he had spent who knows how long locked in a shed. He still will spend a long time playing with and trying to catch rays of sunlight or rainbows from my crystals, I wonder if that wasn't his only toy in that shed, rays of light coming in. He is the sweetest dog in the world and puts up with so much from my little cavalier Erin, they are best friends.


Sally said...

No. 1 - what IS that blue flower?!
No. 2 - you have a cavalier spaniel?!!! I love those dogs!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Sally the blue flower is Virginia Blue Bells a wildflower.

Yes I have a Cavalier, she is a sweetheart! I got her cheaper than most because she is too big or as I like to say "a big boned girl":) she is still small, she weighs about 22 pounds the standard is 18 and lower.

IBOY said...

Good for you doing Boxer rescue... there should be a very special place in hell for animal abusers.