Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday Tuesday

What a change a day can bring in Iowa, yesterday was in the high 80s and hot hot hot! Today the winds are from the north and it is 57 degrees. While walking around my yard tonight I discovered a nest with 3 baby birds that has fallen to the ground, no doubt from the wind yesterday. My husband says they are robins. Poor babys, they could not have been more than a couple of days old.

Right now I have some pretty little pink dianthus in bloom, they often winter over for me, I always buy a few new ones and plant in with the ones that survived the winter. My Korean Lilac is its usual showy self this year and the Clematis are starting their show.

See the lime green flower pot with a sweet potato vine in it? I was given this pot with some fresh flowers in it as a gift, it is not really to my taste but I decided I should do something with it, I think the pot and the sweet potato vine are a perfect combination, what do you think?


Karen Shanley said...

Thanks for visiting so I could find your blog. Love, love, love gardening. And love all your beautiful photographs. Especially of your Boxer and King Charles Spaniel. Simply gorgeous faces on those two!

Sally said...

I love the pot with the sweet potatoe vine in it! Cripes - it's 37 degrees this morning! I hope the garden is OK. I love dianthus too. Pretty pics.