Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pretty Birds

Well, the Christmas rush is over. It was another wonderful holiday season with the one exception of my Dad's health. My 59th birthday passed with little fanfare, I wanted to get to Reiman Gardens and the butterfly house for my birthday but that did not happen with all the other things going on.

We have had one storm after another with ice, snow, rain and fog, what is next a tsunami? :)

I have noticed something at my feeders that I have not witnessed in all my years of feeding the birds, juncos are coming and eating out of the feeders, they have always been plentiful around here but they always ate off the ground, this year they are regularly at my feeders, I am not sure if they have gotten smarter or hungrier :). The Carolina Wren is still a daily visitor.


Ginni Dee said...

The bird pictures are great. I love the Carolina Wren and Juncos are one of my winter faves.

You and I must have a lot in common. You're 3 months younger than I am, and my dad is also having problems...he's 83 and has the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. We deal with him everyday. (Siblings and I)

I can so relate to your bad weather, being in the Illinois Quad Cities, we're also having so many weird weather patterns. I'm tired of winter and the season is actually only 8 days old! But I guess we just have to hang in there, it's only 3 months until spring! We hope!


verobirdie said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.
Those pictures of the bird feeder are great.
I wish you and you family a Happy New Year and hope your father's health will improve.

DeeMom said...

Iowa so glad you popped over to my Blog. Interesting observations on the Juncos, I will keep watch here for that. The birds sure look happy.
Our weather here has been odd as well, not the ice and snow you have had, but warm to the point of our lilac in mini bud, and the other weekend a fully bloomed dandelion. The birds are also prognosticating an early spring. Our Geese are beginning to pair off and the birds at the feeders seems twiddlepated…

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Dee, Twiddlepated????? :)

Ginni, we do seem to have much in common, my Dad is 83 as well, his mind is sharp as a tack, it is his body that is failing, neither is easy to watch I am sure. I am a bit north of you, close to Waterloo.

mightymatt1313 said...

The birds seem delighted, despite the weather. We have even had a few cold days here in Florida. I guess our birds can't be spoiled all the time!

mightymatt1313 said...

sorry you can't grow Japanese maples. Try a bonsai or just one of the dwarfs that you can take inside for the winter. They really are beautiful. So are you bird pictures.
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