Monday, February 18, 2008

Birds During the Blizzard

We had another day of wicked weather here in Iowa, the wind was whipping the snow around creating white-out conditions.

I took these pictures Sunday through my kitchen window, I filled the feeder a dozen times during the day the birds were in a feeding frenzy.


Sally said...

Wasn't it horrible on Sunday?! At least we didn't get more snow like Des Moines did. I can't keep my feeders full either. Great pictures!

guild-rez said...

I know how you winter storm after another. We got a lot of snow in Toronto too, it is very cold today and more snow to come..
But I am sure spring is around the corner..

Connie said...

This too shall pass.
Our snow is finally gone and the sun is getting brighter and stronger, which means I am getting brighter and stronger, too. :-)

Curtis said...

At least the birds were enjoying their selfs. I don't see how. brrr

Ginni Dee said...

I'm sure the birds love your efforts. This winter is not to be believed, is it. Seems like it just keeps going and going. Hopefully spring is just around the corner, tho.

Great shots of your birds.