Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April in Iowa

Today was windy windy windy, but the sun was out. I came home from work with the intent of raking some of my flower beds, but my nice hubby had most of raking done so we took the dogs for a walk, we saw a flock of pelicans, not sure where they were going, I have not seen them before, do pelicans fly north? I also saw twice today something I had not seen around here before, a black squirrel, we have only red ones. I have heard that the two do not live in the same area.
Sharing a few shots of my inside plants.
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A wildlife gardener said...

I'd love to see a black squirrel. your first two photos are so pretty I thought they were watercolour paintings.

Fancy a Hokey cokey? You'll need a wiggly tail...:)

Connie Peterson said...

Pelicans fly north in the spring and south in the winter, like geese and ducks and cranes. We have some pelicans here and see them, once in a while, flying over. They are quiet, so we don't hear them.

Lovely pictures! I have BUDS but no leaves!