Monday, April 14, 2008

Blue Sky

Finally a nice beautiful spring day and of course I was at work. I snapped a few pics yesterday which was sunny like today but colder with a brisk north wind. The buds are of a soft maple tree and the rhubarb is just beautiful coming out of the ground, don't you think. Looks like a quilt.
I have had fish tanks since my 21st birthday when I received a 10 gallon tank for a present. I currently have a 55 gallon tank which I have had for a few years. When I was in the 6th grade my aunt gave me some guppies, I remember how excited I was to wake up one morning and see all kinds of baby guppies, I received a gift certificate from PetsMart for Christmas so I decided to get a small tank and some guppies, I did not want to add them to my large tank. I put the guppy tank on a stand by computer desk, it has been most enjoyable. These guppies look nothing like the ones I had in 6th grade.
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Kylee said...

Don't you just hate that when you have a beautiful spring day after a long winter and then you have to spend it inside? I know just how you feel!

Andrea's Garden said...

It is warming up over here, even though we have true April weather. :-) That shall pass though. Andrea

Lets Plant said...

I hope you warm up really soon!! inside is no place to be!!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

I, too, can relate to your missing the nice days due to work! Even though I work from home I don't often have the chance to venture outside to see what's going on ... and our weekends have been so miserable the past few weeks as well. I vow, however, to get out today and shoot some daffodils! Too windy today ... they just waved at me in the wind *sigh*