Monday, May 12, 2008

Reiman Butterflies

I took these pictures when we went to Reiman Gardens a few weeks ago. I would go to the Butterfly House every week if possible.
We had another miserable weekend. I planted bedding plants and some new perennials Saturday in the rain, good for transplanting I guess but I froze my heine off. Yesterday the sun did come out about 2 but there was a north wind that made it feel much colder, I planted several herb plants and cleaned off my herb bed so I did get quite a bit done this weekend.
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Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi IGW, yeah, our weekend was much the same here, though we did the get the yard mowed (2nd time in less than a week!). That lush doggie turf in the back is really enthusiastic this year, hehe.

We were just talking yesterday about eventually visiting the butterfly gardens (namely because you gave me the yen to do that finally). Why have to wait until all our butterfly magnets are blooming in the heat of the summer, eh?

Andrea's Garden said...

There is a butterfly house in the Botanical Gardesn in Munich. It is quite beautiful to see the butterflies there, too. I am sorry to hear you are fighting cold weather. Our weather has been quite beautiful the last two weeks and I hope it stays nice for a while. Greetings from Germany, Andrea