Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wild Plum Blossoms

Wild plum trees are in bloom in this part of Iowa currently, they have the most wonderful scent that you can imagine! The fruit they produce is small, but the birds seem to enjoy the fruits.
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Iowa Victory Gardener said...

IGW, these are lovely shots of the blooms! You're lucky to be close to fruit trees to catch them at such a beautiful time. About the only "fruiting trees" we see in town here are the flowering crabs, and nothing seems to like those, lol! Have you ever eaten one of the fruit? Or are they impossibly sour like the wild grapes?

A wildlife gardener said...

Wonderful photos, IGW :)

Moe said...

We have apple and cherry in our yard, and we are enjoying the blooms, too! We thought about trying plums, but never have (as a garden specimen, I mean). Would you recommend them?

Sally said...

This post brings back memories - of riding my horse down a gravel road lined with wild plum trees. Sadly, they've been mostly killed by spraying. Iowa is such a beautiful state, don't you think?

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Moe I would recommend ornamental plum trees for 2 reasons, they bloom really early and most of are fragrant!

Sally, Iowa is very beautiful.

IVG, they are very sour and small, but the birds seem to like them.

Ginni Dee said...

If you're a jelly maker, you have to try wild plum jelly!!! It's the most gorgeous pink color and absolutely, hands-down, the very best jelly I've ever eaten. I'd loveLoveLOVE to find a wild plum tree around here!!

Your photos are lovely. I think the fragrance from a crab apple tree in bloom is one of my favorite spring garden scents.