Friday, July 11, 2008

Lots of Seeds

I have been meaning to write this post for well over a month now and just have not gotten around to it with the flood having taken over my life. Did anyone notice that the trees produced lots and lots of seeds this year? The maple trees had so many seeds that they crunched under my feet and you could barely see the grass when they started falling, and the nasty chinese elms really outdid themselves this year, also the cottonwoods are still throwing out seeds, notice the cottonwood seeds caught on this columbine? Wonder what that means, I am sure there is some significance of some sort.


Iowa Victory Gardener said...

I hear you on the multitude of tree seeds this year, and the maples were exceptionally bad (we'll be pulling them all summer), sounds like we have the same tree "pests." We also have the scourge of black walnuts the tree rats plant in our yard and gardens.

Isn't it fun when you catch things like that in shots? We got a lot of those on Columbines and other flowers more recently. Last weekend I collected a whole bunch of Alpine Blue Columbine seeds to start, and hope that works.

Good luck (bon courage, as they say in French) with the never ending cleanup. Still going on but to a lesser degree here.

Sally said...

Boy - you got that right!! I've *never* seen so many helicopters (seeds) in my life! The dandelions were extra thick too. And now the clover is blooming white in my back yard. I wonder what this means (if anything). Plus the weeds in my flowers and gardens are unstoppable. What a year, huh?

this is my patch said...

I have the very same columbine in my garden over here in the UK. The yellow seem quite difficult to come by. x